Alternative Route

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LRT Alternative Route

The alternative route is as follows:

  1. Maintain proposed above-ground tracks east along 102 Avenue from Churchill Station.
  2. Maintain Quarters stop at 102 Avenue, mid-way between 96 and 95 Streets—or place it slightly further south to better serve Jasper Avenue, between 102 Avenue and Jasper Avenue, midway between 96 and 95 Streets.
  3. Cross Jasper Avenue at-grade. At this location, Jasper Avenue involves less traffic than other at-grade LRT street crossings planned for the SE LRT (such as in Strathearn).
  4. Extend southward over the Grierson Hill; top of bank here is several meters above the roadway, so vehicle traffic can freely pass underneath.
  5. Curve westward and follow Grierson Hill alongside the roadway on elevated track. 
  6. Stop at the elevated concourse of the Shaw Conference Centre.
  7. Continue down Grierson Hill on elevated track, then curve southward over the river. This track could be high enough to stay above the trees and avoid cutting of forest.
  8. Cross the river via a simple LRT-only bridge. No pedestrian access would be necessary, as the Low Level Bridge and nearby Cloverdale footbridges provide this. The addition of this bridge to Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley is not problematic visually because the new bridge would be set against the profile of the existing Low Level Bridge.
  9. Maintain elevated track over the various roadways on the south bank and then control grade to drop to Muttart stop. This stop might be slightly south than the City’s proposed stop to accommodate grade.